The Lonewolf Game + The Player System

The Complete Player System

Get laid in 15 Days, even if you are Virgin.

This Complete Package includes both eBooks:

  • The Lonewolf Game Remastered Version (112 pages)
  • The Player System (100 pages)

The following system have literally changed the life of men who tried it out. Join abroad and get mentored to become the man that women crave...

What this complete system contains the following:

  • 15 Days program with different daily drills which are designed to:

  • Boost your confidence and social skills
  • Acquiring a playful and flirty attitude around women
  • Breaking the fear of approaching women and becoming immune to rejections
  • Acquiring balls to approach women anywhere, anytime

  • A detailed guide on how you can maximize your looks and how to build the attractive demeanor that makes women attracted to you

  • Techniques to seduce women and complete step by step strategy how to go to bar/nightclub and get laid under 15 minutes

  • How to naturally increase your penis size and how to become Sex God in bedroom, meaning that women will crave you more and more

  • Guide to avoid and prevent ending up in the Friend Zone

  • Lots of different examples of opening lines and flirty conversations you can have with women

  • +Lot, a lot more...

These eBooks are in PDF format, meaning you can read them on mobile devices too (smartphone, tablet)

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